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Different Housing Options for Adults with Disabilities


Despite being special, it is also important to consider the ideas, needs, and ones of your loved one with special needs. It is really important to teach them independence and to let them experience managing their independent daily living activities on their own. However, this doesn’t mean that they will be on their own literally, independent living for individuals with special needs means to allow them, to have independence while still getting their support.

The most common option for adults with special needs is to continue to live with their parents or with family members. But it is not advisable for them to continually live with their families, because of many negative instances. It is still best that they will experience to transition to living independently because as parents age, it will also be impossible for them to meet the required level of care a special individual needs. Hence, here are other options:

  • group homes and supportive housing
  • assisted living facilities
  • skilled nursing facilities

If you are looking for options for a residential services provider in Virginia, you are in the right place. To be in any of the options provided above can be very helpful for individuals with special needs.

Group homes most especially are a great option for people with disabilities, since they provide a social setting for their residents.

Blessed Group Homes Inc. is a group home in Burke, Virginia that strives to keep your loved one’s health and overall wellness to the optimum level. It is our top priority to assist them anytime they need anything, and to make them comfortable and adjust easily in their transition.

If you are interested in our assistance and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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