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Handling Meltdowns for People with ADHD


There are days that our family members with special needs encounter uncontrollable emotions, and every time that happens, it is a challenge. Despite being different, we must not punish nor criticize them for being who they are. Instead, make them feel that they are loved.

Their emotional distress can be managed by introducing them to calming ideas like:

  • giving them pets to reduce their feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • letting them listen to music to help lighten their mood.
  • engaging them in meditation to manage their emotions through proper breathing and other techniques.

Independent daily living can also introduce them to programs that help enhance their mobility and cognitive thinking. They will know how to focus on the things they need to learn to acquire the independence that they deserve.

On the other hand, residential services are also helpful to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It involves various programs that will help develop people with special needs to lead a self-directed life as much as possible.

Blessed Group Homes Inc. is a residential services provider in Virginia that offers community-based programs to special individuals. We have services like recreational activities to help them develop their overall well-being by exposing them to nature. Also, they can socialize as they meet a diverse group of people, encouraging them to stay positive and create meaningful relationships.

As a group home in Burke, Virginia, we are committed to providing a nurturing and caring environment for your loved ones. We make sure to optimize their safety, independence, and overall wellness. For inquiries about our other services and on how we can further help your loved ones, reach us through our contact information or on our website.

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