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How Employable is an Adult with Autism?

How Employable is an Adult with Autism?

A major concern among many parents of adults with autism is whether their adult child will be able to hold a job, and it’s quite an understandable concern. According to a survey conducted by, it was found that fewer than half of autistic adults in the United States are employed. Among those, many only hold part-time positions or are shouldering work for which they are overqualified.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Expectations from families, schools, and employers are lower for individuals on the spectrum, which can squash self-confidence.
  • To get a job in the general community, people on the spectrum must compete with others for the position.
  • Most employment programs were developed without autism in mind.

How We Can Help
It is undoubtedly difficult for people with autism to find suitable employment, especially those who are struggling with Independent Daily Living. But it doesn’t have to stay that way forever.

At Blessed Group Homes Inc. , we believe that every person deserves a fair chance at improving their life, regardless of their disabilities. Such is why our Group Home in Burke, Virginia provides our residents and clients with services that help enhance their independence, confidence, and social skills.

If it’s a reliable Residential Services Provider in Virginia that you’re looking for, we’re the people you need!

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