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Laying the Foundation to Be Independent

laying-the-foundation-to-be-independentStanding on our own feet is a skill that we develop as we grow older. As we experience new tasks and learn how to do things, we also gain more abilities that enable us to live on our own without supervision. But not every person has the same development journey. Some of the people we know may be experiencing mobility limitations or cognitive challenges that prevent the same level of progress.

However, this does not mean everything is lost. With the right support, skills for independent daily living can be learned.

We are a group home in Burke, Virginia, that provides a safe space for individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities to gain and learn helpful skills. Let us give you a sneak peek at how we lay the basics to becoming independent.

Tasks related to personal hygiene and grooming are usual indicators of a person being independent. But when left unsupervised or insufficiently equipped, these routine tasks can become risky. We support your loved ones by providing easy-to-use tools such as using Velcro over buttons or slip-on footwear over shoestrings. We help them check the environment for safety and make sure they are ready before doing the task.

Cooking one’s meal is also essential for survival. We train our clients to learn to cook simple meals with or without using appliances. They will learn how to look after the right food or ingredients, and the basic preparation required.

At Blessed Group Homes Inc., your loved ones will live in an environment that improves their skills while having full support. Call your residential services provider in Virginia today.

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