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Residential Care Benefits for Special Needs Adults

Residential Care Benefits for Special Needs Adults

Life isn’t always simple for any person living with a disability. But, at Blessed Group Homes Inc., a compassionate Group Home in Burke, Virginia, there is always someone around to make sure that everyone is safe, clothed, and appropriately fed. We also have staff who can keep track of all our residents’ appointments, medication schedules, transportation, and finances.

Some other benefits that we as a Residential Services Provider in Virginia can offer our clients with are:

  • A home-like environment and 24/7 supervision.
    We treat all our residents like family to help them feel at home, even when away from home. The only difference is that we offer 24/7 supervision, to make sure nothing goes wrong for the patient.
  • Safe peer interaction.
    A common issue for people with disabilities is feeling isolated and too far away from the crowd. Our group home allows friendly peer-to-peer interaction, to improve our residents’ social skills while they’re under our care.
  • Proper housekeeping.
    A clean environment is important to ensure that patients stay healthy and infection-free during their stay. This is why we provide proper housekeeping services, to keep all our living spaces clean and ready for our residents’ use.
  • Outdoor time.
    Getting fresh air and the right amount of sunshine is important for anyone’s wellbeing. This is why we schedule appropriate outdoor activities for all our residents to enjoy in their free time.
  • Medication Management.
    You never have to worry about your loved ones forgetting their medication again— we have staff members that are ready to remind patients about medication and doses.

If you need help with your loved one’s Independent Daily Living, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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