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The Group Home Support that Individuals with IDD Need


There are 7 billion people on this planet and about 1% of those have an intellectual disability and about 85% of them show mild symptoms of intellectual and developmental disability (IDD). With the right diagnosis from professionals, IDD can affect one’s intelligence and adaptive abilities which can make it difficult for them to live like any other neurotypical individual. But early intervention can help address their needs towards independent daily living.

The individual with IDD often has other related and co-occurring conditions such as mental health, neurodevelopmental, medical, and physical conditions. It can be about a specific learning disorder, social communication disorder, ADHD, and ASD, among others.

Individuals with IDD need a formal and informal type of support to meet their daily needs. Family and relatives can help people with IDD in their day-to-day needs especially those who need more assistance than those with mild intellectual disability. Often, those with serious intellectual disabilities with co-occurring medical conditions may need to have a residential services provider in Virginia as they grow older or what is commonly referred to as a group home.

A group home houses people with IDD and other complex medical health needs. In a group home in Burke, Virginia, they can be in a safe living environment, get thorough medical treatment, enhance their independence, and have the daily assistance that they need. They usually have a small number of occupants and have 24-hour on-duty staff.

To know more about group homes and how we can provide service to people with IDD, contact Blessed Group Homes Inc. and we’d be happy to answer any of your queries.

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