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The Importance of Continued Care in Adults with IDD

The Importance of Continued Care in Adults with IDD

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) involve a variety of illnesses that affect a person’s mental and physical faculties. Many adults with IDD have trouble with independent daily living and require extra support. The lack of care might result in injuries and more complex problems.

Blessed Group Homes Inc. offers professional care for people with IDD. We are among the top residential services provider in Virginia. A few of our services include 24-hour supervision, medical and health support, and community-based recreation and leisure. We cater to a variety of chronic developmental issues and base our programs on a resident’s requirements. Our skilled staff is equipped with expertise in care and provides security to our residents.

In helping our residents, we also help their families. When you enroll a loved one with a disability in our group home in Burke, Virginia, you give them the best chance in having a well-rounded life. The continuous care we provide our clients can make their life easier and at the same time improve their respective conditions.

It is our mission to encourage progress among our residents and making sure that they feel supported throughout their stay.

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